bob - boxoffberlin

Zimmerstraße 11, 10969 Berlin, Germany
030 47982171

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  • Martin Beales
    This is not the commercial stuff you'll find everywhere else. Local artists and amazing and unique pieces. Worth a look.
  • david gravestock
    Beautiful little shop, good coffee and very nice guy. All items made by local artists
  • Tim Thorp
    I'm not really into souvenir shopping, but this shop/café had a lot of products designed by talented local artists. It's definitely a good place to go if you want to find something a bit more original.
  • Philippa Marsh
    I often find it difficult to find gifts or mementos from my travels in Europe which aren't tacky or cheap or not really benefitting the local area. This shop had a great selection of unique art prints, books and other items which didn't feel clichéd or overly touristy to purchase. It was also clear my money was going to a local business owner rather than opportunistic corporations. A gorgeous little shop.
  • Michaela Joy
    Great selection of souvenirs including beautiful prints