German Museum of Technology

Trebbiner Str. 9, 10963 Berlin, Germany
030 902540

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  • Ruxandra Duca
    Aviation section has very little English translation (few sentences next to entire paragraphs in German) and the focus is on propeller-driven aircraft with very few jet related exhibits. You can walk on the rooftop by the C-47B bomber which is nice. The computer and telecommunications sections were pretty cool. They have some demonstrations and interactive exhibits throughout the museum. The entire Beamtenhaus building (which houses chemicals and pharmacy as well as photography and film technology) was closed when I visited in December 2017. Price for student was €4 so I'd say it was worth a short visit.
  • Weston Taylor
    So many great displays! We spent four or six hours here and didn't take in the half of it. If I lived here with children, I would totally but a year long membership. The surprising number of life-size planes were really interesting. Many displays had at least some of the full German text in English. The sugar exhibit was also interesting- I had never known what it took to get sugar from beets! I also enjoyed looking at the full size train engines and cars. Also interesting were the demonstrations we received on luggage making and jewelry making. Three next door building (also part of the museum) had a Foucault pendulum, cool car exhibit, and an internet exhibit which we really enjoyed. It had a robot which moved around the exhibits and and could bring you to lots of stuff in the exhibit. I think we skipped a few floors in each building, so we could definitely spend the whole day there and bring lunch and easily eat it in the one or two designated areas.
  • Julie Martinkova
    I wasn't a big fan - a lot of the descriptions were in German only or only with a super short English version. A lot of the interactive displays in the Movies and Photography sections didn't work. The New Building was the most interesting since it houses the Shipping and Aviation exhibitions, which show incredible boats and planes, but again with very few descriptions in English (if you are looking for English texts, look for touchscreens). The science centre Spectrum in the nearby building was a much better experience. If you don't feel like spending your whole day in the Technical Museum, head straight for Spectrum.
  • Renato Kestener
    Definitely worth a visit. Good for kids and adults altogether. The museum is huge and it is unlikely that you will see everything in one day. New building with cars exposition and one about "Network", that was really interesting! I will visit it again to check the old building too. Nice staff and there is a small place to eat.
  • Moritz Kröger
    Loved it. You can spend here days of exploring all the corners. Take a bit of time with you as just an hour or two won't be enough time to even see one category completely. So much love for detail and everything is high quality.