Paul-Heyse-Stra├če 26, 10407 Berlin, Germany
030 443045

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  • Lost Berlin
    As a concert venue, it's quite interesting. Finding the entrance ist the easiest thing if you've never been there before. The venue itself is quite nice. Food and drinks are surprisingly cheap compared to other venues which is a pleasant surprise. Depending on the concert, the venue sizes changes. If you get a ticket for the "rang" you'll get a seat in the upper part. The seats are a bit short and slim, not the most comfortable chairs, but passable. Sound quality is good and overall atmosphere is great. The staff is friendly, but the ones working the entrance/security do seem overwhelmed at times.
  • Pierre Poinsenet
    Very interesting venue. Many of the bands you go and see there are struck and comment on the very original architecture of the place. The acoustic is ok for concert, some of the seats are maybe a bit too far away from the stage but it's not as bad as in a stadium. Only downside is the very long way to access the standing area and the infinitely long queue to get in, as you have to go through three security checks (alcohol and bottles, body check, ticket check) before getting in. Note that backpacks over 20x30 cm are never allowed in the concert area.
  • Jacek Obral
    Concert was good however there is no ATM machine and you can't pay by card there - is this how it should be in XXI century?! Only cash? Besides that it's allowed to smoke inside so you smell like a grilled chicken, entering process takes forever
  • Marta prz
    I was here for the concert of Jamiroquai and it was excellent. Good sound system, enough space to dance and good public transport connection
  • simon wyzgala
    Great sound system. Well organized staff