Görlitzer Park

Görlitzer Str. 1, 10997 Berlin, Germany
030 115

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  • Marco Oberti
    Beautiful place to go for a walk with your family, especially during night hours when you can hear the sound from wild animals in the park. For nature-fans, here you can observe the natural environment of the heroin addict (venenum deditus in its Latin scientific classification). Please avoid shining objects, they get scared out of them, and you will enjoy an amazing safari experience.
  • Ana Karina Morales
    Nice place to visit on a sunny day. It has 2 Spielplatz and a mini farm for kids. Good place for barbecues and a beer with friends. Lots of cafes around for drinks and food. What I don't like here is there is just so many people offering weed.
  • HDF_Nekosky C.A
    Nice place to take a walk. If were not drug dealers everywhere stoping you every 5 steps Dangerous at nights
  • Kevin Saez
    Nice place to drop by and spend the day in family or doing some sport. Is pretty big and wide compared to other parks in the city and also much greener and healthier, even the air seems to be fresher there.
  • Grey J.
    Bring a blanket, bring some beers, bring a portable grill with tasty things to cook. Sit in the bowl and enjoy a sunny day in Berlin.