Patrick Hellmann Schlosshotel

Brahmsstraße 10, 14193 Berlin, Germany
030 8958430

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  • Rene Vinderslev / Rimiri Ltd
    Very nice “castle” hotel in Berlin 👍 The hotel is very nice and the staffs are very helpfully. The way the made the old and the new together is perfect and very chick 👍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Mike Hockett
    My wife and I chose to stay here on our second stop in our three City honeymoon tour. We picked the hotel because of its historic value. The grounds were absolutely breathtaking and the inside could be as well. I said could be. It took on new ownership a couple of years ago from a clothing designer who has his clothing and advertising on display inside the Hotel like he would see a beggar on the street. It was totally out of place. Nobody would choose this historic place to see a clothing designers designs on display. In my opinion, it was pretentious or desperate and neither is good. They are doing some remodeling that should be of great concern. This is a wonderfully historic place. I believe the owner is going to put modern touches on the inside that will not be welcome to those who appreciate history. You should also be aware that in this 70 some room facility, there is only about 10 parking places for cars and two of them are taken up by the owners Rolls-Royce. I can only speak for the room we were in, but for 190 euro per night, over $225 US, there is no sitting area it was extremely cramped, very dark, and only one sink in the bathroom. There is a bar downstairs that is absolutely beautiful, but again there are these modern pictures inside this historic room that make absolutely no sense. They also allow smoking in the bar. This isn't welcome when you come down the next morning for breakfast because the smoke is still lingering throughout all of the downstairs. Outside of the bar, there is a large sitting area that is absolutely beautiful and has this historic Grand stairway that leads up to some more rooms. Above This historic staircase is a giant modern black and white picture that is probably 15 ft by 15 ft of a woman wearing a hat the size of a car that looks like a rose. I'm not sure how this makes any sense in this historic home. Extremely poor choice and extremely poor taste. And if you plan on ordering a cup of coffee, get ready to Shell out over $10 U.S for a single cup. One of the best things about our stay was the friendliness of the staff. They were extremely helpful and went above and beyond to try to make sure that we were happy.
  • Valerie Boettger
    Comfortable atmosphere. Excellent service. Nice Bar and wellness area!
  • Elyse Zelunka
    This is ONE amazing hotel. It was a palace in West Berlin which was completed in 1914. It was converted into a hotel in 1994. They provide A plus service, from the moment you walk through the doors. Everything about the hotel is elegant. Our room was spacious and beautiful. The outside gardens are lovely. We enjoyed spectacular buffet breakfasts every morning. It is located in a residential neighborhood which not near the center of the city. There is free parking if you have a car. We used the bus system. Once we worked out the routes and times with an app it was easy enough to get around. The walk to the bus was great. You walked past beautiful residential homes and saw the local population. There is a pool and gym. We would stay there again.
  • Gary Worden
    Situated a fair way from town - but the neighbourhood is green and worth a cycle around. Here's the thing - I don't much remember the restaurant, but I do remember loafing about in a hammock in the tree-dappled garden on a sunny day, and occasionally asking someone if they'd be kind enough to bring me another G&T. The room was on a high floor - perhaps in an attic room, it was ok. There was a sense that it wasn't crowded, which I liked.