German Historical Museum

Unter den Linden 2, 10117 Berlin, Germany
030 203040

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  • Brian Hughes
    Very large museum covering German history from prehistory to the 1980's. Many very impressive artifacts and historical paintings. Signs and explanatory material are in German and English. The layout can be hard to follow and it is easy to miss whole sections. There are two entrances, the new part houses only temporary exhibits and generally more modern architectural extravagance than function. There is a lack of signs to direct you to the main building, which is more interesting for most people.
  • Oto Ricardo Alves da Silva
    Great permanent and temporary expositions, with bilingual information stands. I would definitely recommend visiting. Better to go to using public transportation because parking is really difficult in the area. On weekends, there is a very nice souvenirs fair right outside the museum, which I really recommend.
  • Katlynn Carter
    This museum is long so make sure you have enough time to get through it. I made the mistake of only giving myself 3 hours before another appointment. History is very interesting and well presented. Watch the film at the beginning to get a clearer idea of key points in German history before you walk through the rest of the museum.
  • Kaleigh Woods
    The museum was beautiful, clean, and easy to follow. I loved seeing history from the beginning of German influence until now. It did feel, though, a bit less in depth than I would have liked, and almost all of the exhibits felt more like a European history museum with particular focus of how that impacted German history. I was also not a huge fan of how glossed over the atrocities done to those victimized in the Holocaust. On the other hand, it was fascinating to see artifacts from the Nazi regime. The restaurant in the museum was actually very upscale for a museum cafe. The dessert was fantastic and their food was delicious! The staff was super nice, which was such a change from other museums around the world that I've been to. The prices felt extremely fair, especially if you're a student.
  • Lesa Groves
    We spent 2 and a half hours in the Russian Revolution exhibit so didn't get them time to go into the main building, however for EUR8 were very impressed with the well designed layout of the exhibition and the rich information it contained. I have a very poor knowledge of history and politics but was fascinated with the detailed accounts, often focusing on individual people, so highly recommend it if you're curious in learning more about this volatile point in history.