Schönhausen Palace

Tschaikowskistraße 1, 13156 Berlin, Germany
0331 9694200

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  • Cécile Repetti-Dietrich
    One of my favorite parks in the area. Very well maintained so it's always clean and has beautiful plants, flowers and trees. Lots of families are hanging out there but there's space for everyone! There's also a fountain and during the spring/summer season there's a nice kiosk selling cold drinks, coffee, cakes, ice-creams...
  • Yulia Tricahyaningtyas Sutjahjono
    Cozy, calm, one of the best place in Pankow!
  • Heran Bago
    Easily in my top 20 Berlin parks.
  • Daniel Egerter
    A good starting point for seeing charming, sleepy Pankow. The park continues to get better and the exhibitions on the former royal palace then DDR guest house are revealing of Germany's unique brand of Stalinism.
  • Anton Telegin
    Very nice place to chill under airplanes