Ernst-Thälmann Park

Lilli-Henoch-Straße, 10405 Berlin, Germany
030 902950

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  • M Lee
    I was here with my child. It's kind of nice as there are many trees and nice tiny streets inside of park. But it's little bit scary to walk alone as woman as streets inside of park are tiny and hidden by trees, nobody gonna see you if something happens...
  • Cristiano Cesolari
    Really quite area, with big open spaces. The lake is really nice and in case of super high temperature there you gonna find shade and fresh air
  • Paul de Gregorio
    Find the memorial to Ernst. It's amazing.
  • Olmo Tomás Mezger
    Some people don't like the buildings there but I don't mind. The park is big and offers a lot of space. It has a nice new playground for children.
  • Vali Darac
    A perfect place for relax and drink a beer !