Tabu Bar Tabledance Club

Bismarckstraße 90, 10627 Berlin, Germany
0177 2729601

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  • Alexey Shokov
    1. The girls are (usually) bad dancers & also not so pretty. 2. The waitress (I don't know a better name for this role) was VERY 3. A local ATM (inside the bar) charges you additionally 10€ for money withdrawal. 4. Loud music, you should put efforts to talk to your friends. 5. The prices are high (at least definitely not cheap). In the end — very bad place. Definitely don't recommend it.
  • Nick Koller
    Such a rip off. Local girls try to suck every penny out of customers. Alcohol is expensive. Totally not worth a shot.
  • chris chiller
    I can not recomment that club at all. the bouncer said we have a free drink with the entrance then didn't want us to give a the free drink tickets. the girls only show their breasts no real nudity. right after we sat down the girls were asking for $$$ eventhough we haven't seen them dancing. We ran out of $$ and after bouncer straight told us to buy more $$ or we have to leave the club. Bouncers and girls are really unfriendly and pushy. Go somewhere else to blow your money.
  • Andrzej Zacharewicz
    Great club :)
  • Nir Porat
    i came on monday night and it was closed!!!