Gleimstra├če 55, 10437 Berlin, Germany
030 60980018

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  • Nayar D
    It's one of the best places to visit on the east side of the city. On Sundays, there is the very famous Mauerpark flee market, a great place to buy cheap (and not so cheap) souvenirs of the city. There is a section of local-designer shops and an actual flee market where you can buy all kinds of used objects. Also, they have a big open court to have lunch and beers.
  • Renat Idrisov
    Nice park for walks, especially in Summer when the weather is good. You may find street singers and some interesting happenings here. On Sundays there's a flee market nearby which is a good place for quick bite.
  • Orestis Papapetrou
    Fun spot to spend your afternoon on Sunday. When I want there where huge handmade market, street food, music and lots of people. It was amazing. Many musical groups, you can do your barbecue and people volunteering to sign. Perfect spot to spend your sunday to meet people and have fun. If you want something quite better choose different spot.
  • Luna Yildirim
    - one of the best flea markets in berlin - huge and a lot of variety, some things are although pricier than they're worth and the sellers don't like to bargain - park has a nice basketball field and sometimes karaoke - you can always observe interesting people here
  • Manuel mu├▒oz
    Quite a nice park to spend some time when is summer, chillin' with friend or just walking aroud, there is also a piece of the Berlin wall standing, sometimes you can observe how the graffiti is being made on the wall by artists. On Sundays there is a flea market occupying all the green area, it is a real big market, if you don't find something in the store you'll definitely find it here, they have everything from bikes to lamps all the way through old hits in vinyls or old cable salats. There is also a separeted part of the park where the are only trees on a meadow.