Aquarium Berlin

Budapester Str. 32, 10787 Berlin, Germany
030 254010

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  • Milos Rajkov
    Never seen so many toddlers in one place in my life. Could not move cause of all the strollers and could not really look at anything with all the babies screaming literally everywhere. The exhibit itself is decent but probably only worth seeing in the AM on weekdays.
  • Lars Gjerløw Jørgensen
    Very good aquarium. Well kept tanks and lots of animals. Good descriptions and a nice thing is: They're not trying to shove tons of plastic and merchandise down your neck. Thumbs up!
  • Elise
    This place is more than just an aquarium, or less than you might expect. More: apart from the beautiful and informative aquarium on the ground floor, it hosts a reptile terrarium and open space for caimen, tortoises, ants and bees upstairs. Less: It is a pleasant and educational place, but kids > 10 might expect more action.
  • Joceline Lopez
    Nice but not amazing. I can only recommend coming here if you purchase a combined ticket with the zoo. It is small but the animals are very well taken care of.
  • jelena jadzic
    Nice aquarium! It is a bit smaller when compared to whole Berlin Zoo! Animals are well taken care. Descriptions are well posted and it has lots of information. You should buy combo ticket with zoo to get discount. If you are student with adequte foreign student identification, you can enter for free. They have lots of animals, but maybe at that time, there was too many very small children who were not interested in animals and they were making noise that can desturb some people.