Das Hotel

Mariannenstra├če 26A, 10999 Berlin, Germany
030 84118433

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  • Roger Sabat
    Nice trendy place with excellent variety of drinks. Live music is definitely a plus. The place is decorated in such a trendy way that gives this place a unique look. Normally crowded due to needing a popular place. A must to visit and have a drink or more and enjoy this trendy location.
  • Steve Karsten
    This place is the real embodiment of the New Berlin Spirit. Great atmosphere, and I mean great. Style and sounds were on point. The staff is friendly and hard working and the cocktails were delicious. I want to buy a stool at the bar at this joint. Highly recommended!
  • Giulia Rota
    Small, smoky and FULL of chilled alternative people. Sometimes there are live concerts, most of the time just amazing LPs playing in the background. Beer is cheap, the wine is too, and also the cocktails are very good! I wish this environment will never change, as you feel welcomed like home. The fresh flowers all around make this place very delicate and special to me.
  • Michele Coloricchio
    For the Kreuzberg atmosphere lovers for sure this is one of the nicest places where to pass a Saturday night with your intimate friends speaking for hours and drinking amazing cocktails. I've really appreciate the kindness of the bartenders, that makes me taste the homemade syrups used for the cocktails of the season. Have to visit, and be sure to come early for be sure to find a place for you!
  • Katarina Murto
    Really cute place. Fresh flowers and candlelight. Some smoke. Toilet is a bit "precarious" somehow. It's popular so always a bit full. But overall really nice!