Berlin Wall Memorial

Bernauer Str. 111, 13355 Berlin, Germany
030 467986666

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  • Giorgio Manes
    Very well done, and moving, museum about the Berlin Wall, located just in front of one of the last standing sections of the wall itself. It is a multi-story museum (there's an elevator if you don't want to walk), and there's a beautiful view point over the wall at the top. Entrance is free, and inside you find all sorts of videos, audios, stories, interviews and some objects all narrating what life was like before, during and after the well and its fall. Very educational, and highly recommended.
  • Jeff Watts
    Great display of sections of the wall, memorial to its victims and explanation of its impact on the city. For a full picture make sure you visit the documentation centre just at one end of the memorial. On top of having a great little display of the history of the wall, it offers a view down onto the park and the one section where both sides of the wall are intact. Also, check out nordbahnhof, the train station at one end of the memorial. It was a ghost station during the era of the wall and has a good display documenting what that was like.
  • Judy Tait
    A remarkable memorial without entry fees. Come here by train so you arrive through Nord Bahnhof, which was a ghost station during the time of the Berlin Wall. There is an interesting display about this in the station itself. The station exit takes you into the No Mans Land between the inner wall and the outer wall where you will see remnants of the wall and a watch tower and the buildings that existed before the Wall. The memorial consists of the stories of people and the structures which are re-created in the space.
  • Thomas Michael
    The park is beautiful and informative. This tribute to the Berlin wall stands out because a historically accurate section of the wall remains. You can view the section from a viewing platform and it looks as the wall would have looked during the height of the Cold War. All in all, a great mix of history, art, memory.
    Nice place to get the historicity of Berlin Wall and watch the remains of Berlin wall PS: there are some crooks (3-4 young guys suddenly approaching for donations with a photocopied paper), asking donation for disabled person. don't fall in to their trap. they are fake and bastards. Stay in group as they tend to harass ladies to give some donation(so that they can buy their drugs with it)