Berliner Kaffeerösterei

Uhlandstraße 173/174, 10719 Berlin, Germany
030 88677920

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  • Mio Starkid
    It's a coffee house - and probably the best one in Berlin. You'll have a nice and quiet stay if you're looking for one. Cakes are nice and well presented.
  • Liliya Doronina
    Wir haben diese Institution geliebt, aber heute waren wir nicht am Tisch, der Grund, warum es für sie profitabler war, eine große Gruppe von Menschen zu gründen. Wir sind weg und werden nicht zurückkehren. Sorry, my German is a bit limited I will continue in English. Your cafe is one of our favorite. So practically every time when we around district we visiting you. We know it is always overcrowded but your personal stuff always respects customers and order in a waiting queue. Unfortunately not this time :(. We were first in a queue but 2 other big groups of 3+ people came and the kellnerin ignore me and my husband. I pointed that we were first but even after that, we get a quite rude response back. I was in shock and leave that place immediately.
  • Jwan Kurdi
    Quality Espresso and good breakfast assortment. Littel on the pricy edge.
  • Daniela amritha
    If you want to have a nice coffee in nice atmosphere near Kudamm, go to Kaffeerösterei. Newspapers here and a wonderful coffee smell in the air. Tasty chocolates as well, you can have breakfeast, salad, whatever you wish. Enjoy!
  • David Schmidt
    Nice shop with all sorts of coffee, espresso, tea and chocolate. The café is great to, fantastic assortment of cake and coffee. One of the best coffee places in Berlin.