Treptower Park

Alt-Treptow, 12435 Berlin, Germany
030 25002333

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  • Renato Kestener
    Amazing park. Good example of what makes Berlin unique with its divided past and the presence of the communist side of history. It is important for all the Western to know and understand the sacrifice of so many soldiers to liberate Berlin and finally end the war on Europe. Besides that it is a huge park, good for running, cycling and walking slowly through its long paths. Enjoy the abandoned Theme Park in the south with its eerie atmosphere, especially on Autumn-Winter.
  • Jerome Frazer
    A beautiful park in the former East Berlin. Renting a bike to discover the park is the best because of its enormous size. Don't miss the Russian Memorial in the park - breathtakingly beautiful.
  • David Meinhold
    Amazing memorial with a lot of history. The Soviets definitely knew how to honor their veterans. Definitely worth a visit if you're in Berlin. A somber reminder to a dark point in world history.
  • Richard South
    A really nice place for an early morning walk / jog. I regularly visit here especially in autumn.
  • Андрій Криворучко
    Don't know what for Germans keep this place, but it worth to be seen. This Memorial was build with Soviet scope. And it's sad... Oh, and it's very quiet there