Invalidenfriedhof Cemetery

Scharnhorststraße 33, 10115 Berlin, Germany
030 36461609

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  • Brian jaynes
    Historic cemetery with a glimpse of the temoltuious history of Berlin. At one point being cut in half by the the DDR wall. Battle scars on the tombstones and former gravesite of The Red Baron make it a unique experience.
  • Jens K
    Historic cemetery with a wild history. A special place, since it is not only a place for the memory of the dead, but a place for the living as well. Beware of the dogs and the howling hounds of hell who creep up at midnight.
  • W
    Extraordinary cementry, from the perspective of an cultural interested human.
  • FIFA bro
  • Peter Perdro
    Calm, thought provoking location.