Hotel Casa Camper Berlin

Weinmeisterstraße 1, 10178 Berlin, Germany
030 20003410

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  • Moran Ben Hur
    Very nice hotel. I liked the location of the shower, which is on the window side. You can take a shower and look out. Shower very roomy and clean. They have the seventh floor which is always open and has food and drinks and alcohol. Which is a part of a deal.
  • Tal Moshaiov
    Wonderful location. Superb breakfast. Comfy rooms. Great attention to details. They also have spa showers you could use if your flight takes off late
  • addy tan
    Don't expect a luxury hotel but it's a Camper lifestyle! Got a great deal in winter online and loved the experience here. Simple and thoughtful design with the Camper personality coming out in every selection of their furnishing. Of course you get Camper slippers in your room. A 24-hour lounge on the top floor with free drinks, snacks and alcohol makes it even better. Loved it so much I stayed in a couple of days in the cold weather. Check out their small cute gym and sauna too.
  • LOST heart
    A great Hotel... I loved it.
  • Gabriel Boronat
    Very stylish hotel in a good neighbourhood. Staff are very welcoming. Room is perfect for people who enjoy modern design.