Badenscher Hof

Badensche Str. 29, 10715 Berlin, Germany
030 8610080

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  • Erik Wilde
    Great local music club which has several concerts throughout the week. We were there for “blues wednesday” and it was absolutely wonderful. Not very crowded and I hope that usually, they have better attendance. Drinks and food are ok, but don’t expect anything special or fancy.
  • Alexander Collo
    The only club in Berlin where you can have real jazz and soul. No hipsters, no wannabe-intellectuals, just plain jazz. The great music compensates for the small size of the location!
  • andreas schicha
    Good old Westberlin, same as it ever was
  • Daniele Ricci
    Good food, good jazz live music and good vibes.
  • Diederik Hammer
    Good (German) food, good beer, nice atmosphere. So if you are the neighborhood and fancy some, go here.