Kashima - Tantra Massage Berlin

Kantstraße 139, 10623 Berlin, Germany
030 86383952

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  • stefan mischke
    It was probably one of the best experiences of my live, not joking. Not knowing what to expect, and generally rather skeptic when it comes to that kind of thing, I was soon completely overwhelmed by surprise, as to what Tantra massage actually means. I can honestly not recall a single moment in my life where I forgot about who or what ever troubled me, whether I am able to make sense of my existence, or even the pressures and barriers of my own sexuality. And best of all: It felt as if I had made this transition myself. Quite apart from the lovely surroundings, atmosphere and, of course, the extremely welcoming and reassuring attitude displayed by the Kashima team, there is an almost homely feel about the place. As if you are being invited into your own home and you realize you have never really seen it before. I can only commend everybody, no matter from what corner of believes, creeds and views on life, no matter what gender, age (18 you'll better be, of course) or view of life, to go and find out, what was missing and what lies beneath.
  • Aminata Amour
    Absolutely transcendental and sensual on a level I've never experienced. I was walking on clouds all day after my massage. Beautiful loft, clean, spacious and comfortable atmosphere. I highly recommend.
  • Richard Taylor
    I looked up and spoke to a variety of tantric massage providers in Berlin and Kashima's website and telephone experience was by far the best. They were an easy choice to go with for my first tantric massage experience. After a little trouble finding the venue I was then really impressed with the internal space - super tranquil and beautifully and minimally decorated. I was met by Yael and my experience with her was both beautiful, sensual and insightful. Not only did I meet with Yael, but I met myself a lot through the experience too and it's since spurred me on into more thinking, experiencing and exploring on the intimacy front. I'd recommend the experience to anyone (and have been doing!). Thank you Kashima team! Rich x
  • jay dee
    My wife and I were in Berlin in for a few days; we both enjoy massages and decided to try tantra massage for the first time. We made an appointment with the Kashima team; my wife was pair with Nils and I with Sonja. Let me start with, they both were physically beautiful people. So when you first get there we sat and talk about ourselves which turn out to be a good thing as we were both a little nervous, being our first time in Germany (not being able to speak German) and trying Tantra massage. They put us at ease immediately with their calm demeanor and tranquil surroundings, the meditative music, burning of candles, cleanliness of the rooms, this all created a sense of wellbeing. We decided on two and a half hour massages, my wife started with a half hour bath ritual with Nils bathing her in a big tub of hot relaxing water scented with lavender. The best choice we made was opting for the two and half hours of time, this allowed for the whole massage to be slowed down which is key. It allowed for lasting eye contact, synchronization of breathing, and the heat of our bodies combining together. It’s at this point that I felt more than physically connected with Sonja; my wife said she experience the same with Nils and this to us is what Tantra massage is about. I want to thank Sonja and Nils for taking my wife and myself down road we never been down before, It’s was a beautiful spiritual relaxing journey. We enjoyed ourselves so much, and will do this with them again!!! Either In Berlin or New York, they just have to e-mail us if there here in New York. p.s. my wife has talked with few of her friends and they are very interested!!!!
  • Oded Talmor
    No so good