Gardens of the World

Blumberger Damm 44, 12685 Berlin, Germany
030 700906699

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  • Motasim Amin
    Don’t go in the winter. Its very cool and really nothing to do except riding the mountain cable car. All planets are covered.
  • Gregorio Bottaro
    Great. I had really a great experience visiting this huge garden. I was really lucky because the weather was amazing with a lot of sun... Even in summer could be hard to have a sunny day in berlin. The garden is far from the usual touristic routes but in my opinion it is worth to visit especially when you can't anymore survive to the crowd of the most famous places in the wonderful berlin
  • Francesco Tazzer
    Sat 23 December 2017, most of the gardens were closed to the public (Renaissance, Japanese, Korean etc.), it was just a walkabout around the garden, something you can do in other many free parks in Berlin. It's not worth it 4€ entrance but the staff didn't say anything about it.
  • Stefanie J. L.
    Just a really lovely place with lots of different gardens - Chinese, English, Japanese, Persian, Thai, religious and some others. Needs to offer more food and drinks, it has not enough restaurants. But it is really lovely in every season for a walk and to look for new plants It now has a cable car! And a viewing platform called *wolkenhain*
  • Wing Ying Chow
    Really, really enjoyed a sunny afternoon here in mid August. The roses were still blooming and the dahlia season had also started. Also enjoyed the various traditional and modern gardens from different cultures.