Yorckstraße 15, 10965 Berlin, Germany
030 2158070

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  • Federico Coderoni
    There's no other place as Yorckschlösschen. It is a warm, old-fashioned, cozy and so good jazz-club in the city. A point of reference for all the lovers of the international jazz scene. Good for a beer (maybe two) or a complete meal: if you wanna go there just to eat you are welcome, but if you wanna attend the concert too, then you'll have to add the price of the ticket to your bill. It will go entirely to the band which will play. Enjoy!
  • Brian Hughes
    I kind of liked it, but with reservations. I've seen better bands that I didn't have to pay a cover charge for. I paid less for better food. It's crowded and funky but that's okay. The beer wasn't great, but I drank it. But still I kind of liked it. It was fun, everyone seemed to be having a good time. Something there made me want to sing and dance on the way home. Maybe it was the people I was with, maybe it was me, maybe it was the bar. Probably the bar.
  • Christian Ziron
    Soul Food 🍲 true from the heart. Really awesome atmosphere like out off the city and back to the country side. Outstanding!
  • Klim Levene
    Chanced upon this when looking for live music and it has such a wonderful atmosphere and character that we returned the next day for the Blues Jam! Music is lively and fun, and expect a packed house! Lovely to see so many people come out to enjoy live music. (Can get quite loud tho) Can recommend the Kreuzberger Nacht beer (If I remember the name correctly!).
  • Eva Addante
    I visited this old-fashion place while I wasn't living in Berlin: but the overwhelming atmosphere is still in my mind. Cozy and pleasant to break in a genuine jazz atmosphere for a beer and very good music.