MS Hoppetosse

Eichenstra├če 4, 12435 Berlin, Germany
030 69518942

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  • Daled Dotan
    This place is supposed to be "cool" but it's just a bad venue. Too small, ceiling is low, bathroom stalls are tiny, and all the windows are closed which makes it suffocating. The party was great, the music was amazing, but the venue? BIG dislike
  • Daniel Tscherwinka
    very boring and annoying electro sound only... it is just noise polution like almost every location in that area!
  • Antoine Millot
    Really great berlin nnightclub on a boat. Great atmosphere and sound system
  • Ovidiu Croitoru
    Boat on a river with top notch DJs. Small, yet fairly open community.
  • Cosmin Lazaroiu
    Nice location and good music! Electronic stuff!!