Classic Remise

Wiebestraße 36-37, 10553 Berlin, Germany
030 3640780

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  • kitcho1i
    This is an absolute must visit for any car fan in Berlin. I went on a Sunday so it was pretty quiet, no activity in the beautiful restoration shops, but the breadth of classic and modern cars is breathtaking. Highly recommended. Please remember to be respectful; don't *ever* touch cars, be mindful of the no photography signs where posted, and be aware of your surroundings. Some cars are parked closely, so a coat or bag could easily touch a vehicle if you aren't careful. Have fun and don't ruin this experience for others.
  • Samby F
    If you love cars then you will adore this place. Quite frankly for one company to house all of these magnificent cars under one roof is astonishing, there are so many exquisite cars in this place I was constantly wondering what the company's insurance bill must be! There are old cars and new and the inside is a huge warehouse which you can walk around freely without being bothered. The workers get on with moving cars around etc and there are stacks and stacks of prestigious cars. My favourite was the Ferrari Testarossa and Ferrari Dino. Entrance is free and there is a cafe onsite and some small shops. I thoroughly enjoy cars and spent 1.5 hours here.
  • George Wignall
    Great place to see classic and modern cars. Nice bar area. Lots of prestigious makes. As well as being a museum it also sells its exhibits.
  • Peter Skov
    Great place, lots of great cars to look at, but unfortunately all the stores were closed because I was there a Sunday. But otherwise I'll recommend a visit here, if you like fine cars.
  • Alex Bohun
    For petrol-heads best museum in Berlin for sure, for those who like cars also best museum in Berlin. Those who dont like cars will still enjoy it, just incredible collection :)