Weingalerie und Café NÖ!

Glinkastraße 23, 10117 Berlin, Germany
030 2010871

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  • Katherine French
    A gem of a place off a little side street. Lovely, authentic food & a huge wine list. You can't go wrong at this place!
  • Dan C
    Weingalerie is a wonderful little establishment. The ease at which you are received is great. The ambiance of the tucked away rooms and corners is reminiscing of old world charm. I was lucky to get a reservation and embark on the culinary journey with of course some wine. We enjoyed the NO marked wine, shared a NE plate for two persons. The NE plate filled with cheese, sausage, olives, figs among other items was plenty to accompany the wine consumed. The kitchen looks very small. Its a wonder they put out so much good food in a short time. Worth the visit
  • K B
    Great wine but also nice staff 10/10 would go again.
  • Honza Benes
    Coffee - 4* Staff - 2* Staff (dark hair lady) is arrogant to guests, no smile, no care. Very disappointing. But coffee quite good. Next time we gonna find another place in Berlin.
  • lukas widig
    Lovely outdoor seating area and the inside ambiance is very decorated as well! Opted to sit outside on a sunny, beautiful day! It was a leisurely afternoon with a book, 2 glasses of rose wine and pasta! The rose was chilled, which made it enjoyable for a warm day and complimented well with the pasta that had a thick mushroom paste served with it. It was more than a wine bar here and I love this place superbly.