Wilhelm Hoeck 1892

Wilmersdorfer Str. 149, 10585 Berlin, Germany
030 34509848

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  • Friedbert Rupp
    This is an excellent restaurant and combined with the old historic drink hall where you be aloud to smoke. They serve good draft beer and everything else on liquids you might need - the rustical decor is ancient and push you back into the turn of the century. In the restaurant you get very good traditional German dishes together with a great service and a nice atmosphere you will be surprised - good for lunch and dinner.
  • Stephen Miller
    Amazing food for a very fair price. Really enjoyed our dinner here. There was only one waitress serving and she did a stellar job of making sure every table was attended to all while having a smile on her face. She was such a lovely woman. Highly recommend this place for a nice dinner. Alcohol was fairly priced too.
  • Gonzalo Muruzeta
    One of the most incredible places that you can go in Berlin to drink a beer. Smokers place with 200 years charm
  • Paul Benton
    We thought it had loads of atmosphere coupled with excellent traditional dishes. The waiter even asked the chef for his special recipe for venison sauce forme to try at home. Great place to enjoy Berlin
  • Gabi Puscas
    Very nice place to enjoy a cold beer!