AquaDom & SEA LIFE Berlin

Spandauer Str. 3, 10178 Berlin, Germany
030 992800

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  • Koren Thomas
    The wait was quite long and it's a bit pricey. Some of the fish looked less than healthy or like they were in too small tanks. Besides that, there was a decent variety of fish and many tanks had themes which was cool. The AquaDom elevator was cool and exciting but that is only a small part of the aquarium that you see at the end. Gift shop is quite pricey of course and there were very few aquarium or fish themed postcards here.
  • Ds Sd
    The dom itself is not worth money you pay. Very few species of fishes inside. No sharks or other carnivorous. The part prior the Dom is quite interesting for children. You can touch fishes and explore parts of animals in microscope
  • Rabeb Ben Hania
    Could be appealing to kids 1-16 year-old but certainly not to adults! Was ways beyond my personal expectation: very small, a modest sea animals collections, an extremely short elevator tour in the Aquadom. Pricy for what it offers!
  • Triet Le
    Pricey (€17.95 p.p) and not very big. The aqua dome in the end was also quite disappointing... Sea Life in The Hague was better.
  • Artur Brynka
    Way too expensive for such small exhibition. Most of games/info is in German, not dubbed on English. Average time spent here - 30-40 minutes. Also, I've read reviews which says that "Elevator in center of aquarium is amazing", but surprisingly we didn't fine this elevator :(