Muskauer Str. 9, 10997 Berlin, Germany
030 69537859

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  • Bright Sounds Recordings
    Excellent restaurant with very friendly staff. I have been there many time and never get disappointed. Highly recommend it. You should book before, it's often full.
  • Dominik Jahn
    Good dishes. Good quality. Chicken breast was really big, it was impressive. Spicy and tasty. I recommend this place :)
  • Assaf Hay
    We found this place by mistake at 11 o'clock at night and as we walked in the owner welcomed us and offered us food instantly despite the hour. The lovely waitress helped us with the menu. We ordered a soup, a starter dish with bananas and pork for main course. Everything was delicious and very unique. We highly recommend it.
  • Zois Giannelis
    High expectations for the place but after visiting two times i really see no reason for the high rated reviews. Realative expensive for the quality and charged us for drinks that we didn't have because of lack of ingredients in the kitchen. Instead got cola which was more of a water with cola flavour. Not recommended
  • Natasha Stephens
    The food is great and really well presented along with the decor. A really lovely ambience and the owner and staff were very friendly and welcoming. A definite must when you visit Berlin