Museum für Naturkunde

Invalidenstraße 43, 10115 Berlin, Germany
030 20938591

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  • Lisa Stafford
    This natural history museum was by far one of the highlights of my Berlin trip!! The exhibitions are clearly labelled, organised and laid out and the specimens are absolutely fantastic. This museum is captivating, educational and promotes environmental concerns. A little disappointed that not all exhibition rooms have English translations for tourists. Will recommend this museum strongly.
  • Kilan Project
    Place definitely worth to check out in Berlin. Exhibition is full of awesome stuff! You can go there with your friends, kids or girlfriend/boyfriend! Cool formalin room! Never seen anything like this before! 10/10!
  • Lekso Kanchaveli
    You can say hello to the world’s largest mounted dinosaur skeleton at the central hall of Berlin’s natural history museum. Standing at 13.27 metres this beast, a sauropod, would have weighed 55 tons when it was alive. Nearly all the material is from one animal, discovered in Tanzania in the early 20th century. Tristan the T-Rex, and the groundbreaking archaeopteryx fossil (the missing link between reptiles and birds), are the other main events. But there’s a lot more keep you rapt in the museum’s galleries: Take the 4,500 mineral specimens in the Hall of Minerals, a taxidermy of a dodo, and an exhibition illustrating the theory of evolution with perfect clarity.
  • Serban Dragomir
    For the people passionate about nature, earth's dynamics, minerals and evolution, this is a place to visit. I spent here about 7 hours among dino skeletons and rare minerals. The explanations are bilingual, which is important. Definitely a museum worth visiting!
  • Sonia Szarycz
    Amazing museum. Very interesting and very relevant exhibitions. Great for all ages!