Zuckerfee Café und Confiserie‎

Greifenhagener Str. 15, 10437 Berlin, Germany
030 52686144

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  • Maxime Taupin
    Excellent place for a brunch. Good taste good price cosy place.
  • Qiu Lisa
    What a great experience! Best breakfast I have had so far. The girls are super friendly and the atmosphere is really relaxing. The whole area is very quiet and beautiful!
  • Tanzie R
    Horrible service. The wait is long - not an opinion it's a fact. Will never return there and will always encourage my social circle to avoid this place. We wait for 30-40mins before we got up and left because they didn't think it was necessary to take our order. Given that fact that we came here almost every day for week - I regret having spent that money on their poor service and bad attitude. O the first time I went there I ordered a cake with my brunch to eat with my coffee - still waiting on it.
  • Lekso Kanchaveli
    A rather small cafe with about 8 tables, cozy and with a lot of attention to detail. Very nice atmosphere, very attentive service, great food of high quality. We had the "sugarplum fairy": pancakes with blueberries, toasts with butter, scrambled eggs and crispy bacon, and fresh fruits, coffee and tea. All in all we had a very nice breakfast and will definitely come again.
  • Gee Le
    Used to be better. The sugarplum fairy breakfast is smaller now and it just wasn’t as 5* as it was some years ago.